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Srsly? MJ.

OK WOW today was em... horrorible for hollywood first Farah then MJ.  MICHAEL. JACKSON. DEAD. that's just three words that shouldn't be in one sentence. The King Of Pop. gone. It's so surprizing. you know. I forget that celberties are people too. They do normal things and have normal lives and part of normal life is dieing. It's horrible and hard to execpt. I feel bad for all his family and friends, and super-fans, but also I feel bad for Farah for having her death overshadowed. But his music made the 80's. it made people dance. everyone.  IT IS LEGEND.  and will live on.  A Halloween won't go bye where we don't hear Thriller. An 80's dance night won't go bye with out some MJ music to dance to. People will still attempt to moonwalk...

"He'll never be gone! Not as long as those who remain are loyal to him!"
- Harry Potter

NCIS LIMS sign ups!

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Ello friends the session 6 NCIS Last Icon Maker Standing is taking signs ups. Just click the picture link above to go to the sign up page. Good luck to all!

You Know You're Obsessed With House When...

 You Know You're Obsessed With House When...

*(the list is old and somethings aren't up to date sorry :()

1.Everything you own (that you didn't steal) is labeled "Not Stolen."
2.Your password for your computer is "Partypants." (Not to lj do I look that stupid!)
3.You can recite all the episodes of House in order.
4.You have a contest going onwith your friends and familyabout who can say the most House quotes in context (and your winning.) (currently I have 304)
5.You freak out when you hear the word "House" (or "Casa." for that matter.)
6.Tuesday is your favorite day of the week. (Now Monday)
7.When August 21 & September 25 should be holidays, & are stared and circled on your calander.
8.You know that the ANA is almost always negative for Lupus.
9.When the only food in your House (AHH!!) happens to be canned soup and peanut butter.
10.Some one says "Merry Christmas" to you, you say "and a happy go to hell."
11.Some one tells you that your immature you make a funny face at them.
12.You need to watch House everyday, or else you will detox.
13.You have conversations while in the bathroom.
14.You have (or want to) break into someone's House (*FREAK OUT*) to snoop around.
15.You can relate everything to House.
16.You "don't have time for laundry" because you're "saving lives here."
17.You think if you put the queen on your money, you British.
18.You know "there's no 'I' in team. There's a 'me,' though, if you jumble it up."
19.You own both covers of House on TV Guide March 5-11-2007.
20.Your favorite song is "Teardrop" by Massive Attack.
21.Your favorite math problem is 2 + 2 = NOT 25, and you know that because you've "been cursed with the ability to do the math."
22.You have a secret friendship club.
23.You "cleverly have no personal life." Do to the fact that everything you do relates to House.
24.Voting for president, you always write in "Gary Wright."
25.The only coffee you drink is black walnut & ginger.
26.Your not obsessed with a gray horse, or are you?
27.You own a shirt that says, "Everybody lies" and wear it every Tuesday. (or now Monday)
28.Everyone who knows you, knows you're obsessed with House. Even people that don't know you do too.
29.You have pretended that a cane was an electric guitar and played it.
30.You notice when people on House wear the same outfit twice, or part of an outfit for that matter.
31.You have multiple House related screen names and E-mails.
32.People think you're insane, you tell them that you're an "insane genius."
33.You carry around episodes of House wherever you go.
34.A psychic once told you your psychic.
35.You don't recharge your phone; you just keep buying new phones.
36.You can hear people caring.
37.You don't do the metaphors because House does.
38.You compare things to vindaloo curry or Nazis.
39.You eat cake on: 6-11, 5-21, 8-19, 2-12, and 2-28.
40.You can get to places by osmosis.
41.Playing clue you always guess "Cornel mustard in the music room with the candle stick."
42.You randomly do Valley Girl impressions.
43.You can recite a whole episode of House in direct quotes.
44.Ever someone walks into the room your in you say, "You can vacuum later."
45.Your favorite philosopher is Jagger.
46.There's an acute shortage on cotton swabs you could run home.
47.You always are told you act like you're eight.
48.You go out you always come back with tomato sauce.
49.The person with the longest name that you ever heard of is Dr. "I had no friends when I was growing up, so all I did was watch TV by myself which is why I can now make constant pop cultural references which no one understands but me."
50.Instead of saying something like, "you wish," you say "call the make a wish foundation."
51.Sometimes .1 is bigger than 9.9.
52.You only got a Myspace because House said he did, and you searched for his.
53.Not everything is supposed to be "ha ha" funny.
54.You play "Monkey see, monkey vomit" not Monkey See, Monkey Do.
55.You avoid person questions by asking if they want fries.
56.Never is just reven spelled backwards.
57.You have three ducklings named: Cameron, Foreman, and Chase; you have a hamster named Cuddy, and a donkey name House and a gray horse named House; you have a dog named Hector and a rat named Steve McQueen.
58.Your lock combination is 6-11-5-21.
59.The only song you know how to play on guitar is "Season of the Witch."
60.You know how to use the word "insane" five times in the same sentence.
61.You don't sing "Happy Birthday" but you sing "Ralphie's Rumpus Birthday Rum-shake."
62.You only ever talk about House.
63.You refer to your group of friends as "the ducklings."
64.You know how many minutes till season 4 starts.
65.You go to the doctor because you think you have a bug in your ear and the doctor says it's not Lupus.
66.You threaten bodily harm to those who don't like the show.
67.You randomly change the words of songs to make them have to do with House.
68.You always tape the new episodes so you can watch them over and over until the DVD comes out.
69.Ever you write the word "House" you always capitalize the "H."
70.You watch the O.C. because it makes House happy.
71.You went out and bought a cane, and don't need it.
72.Suddenly Hugh Laurie is in your dreams.
73.You always hesitate to take a medicine when you need it for fear of developing addiction to it.
74.You are always seen popping Tic-Tacs.
75.You only wear Nike.
76.You have tried to dry swallow a Tic-Tac, and it didn't work.
77.When you unplug your phone on Tuesdays at nine o'clock so the ringing doesn't interrupt House.
78.You keep a picture of House in your wallet.
79.You have searched and found a red and gray tennis ball to help you think.
80.You are now the most scarstic person you know (excluding House even thought
you don't really know him, you just know every little detail about him.)
81.Your music tastes have changed dramatically because of the songs played on House.
82.You test your friendships buy borrowing increasing amounts of money from your friends.
83.You got upset when McCaney was said on House, because they alluded to anti-House AKA Grey's Anatomy.
84.Your camera phones background is a picture of House that you took, while watching it.
85.Answering machine message is "You have reached a number that has been disconnected, and is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this message in error then go with it. Hang up on three. One... two...
86.Your favorite fast food joint is Cactus Mexican Food.
87.Chicken mole, and macadamia nut pancakes are you favorite foods.
88.You called the bathroom the bunkroom.
89.You went and saw monster trucks, and then wanted to eat cotton candy.
90.You have added tons of new movies to your shelves such as Flourish, and the Stewart Littles.
91.You have posters of the House cast all over your walls.
92.The cast of House has all receive letters from you.
93.Experimenting with the caffeine delivery system is fun.
94.Sklungs is your favorite made up word.
95.Your watching House while writing this list.
96.You go out and buy a white board.
97.Then break it.
98.Then get a new clear one.
99.Then get a sturdy white one.
100.You just spent so much time writting a "You Know Your Obsessed With House When..." list.

"Not Stolen" and btw i just found this and i think wrote it durring season 3 or begging of 4. so yeah lots o stuff could be added. might later. idk.

Writer's Block: I Can Relate

What fictional character do you most identify with?

WOW I ♥ this question!The first person that comes to mind is Hermione Granger.

I'm academic, and kind of a show-off/know-it-all. She's caring for houselves, and others. If I know I'm right I won't back down. I just see/read about her and she reminds me of me.

Or Abby Scuito. She goth, but yet she's a smart, nerdy scientist and also a child-like "huger."  Best of both worlds and a  lot like me.

Or maybe Sheldon (The Big Bang Theroy) with all his nerdy eccentricities and antics and routines, what he does seems not so out there.
"Oh Mario ... if only I could control everyone the way I control you ... HOP! YOU LITTLE PLUMBER! HOP! HOP! HOP!"

Writer's Block: Teen Time Machine

If you could be a teenager living in any decade, which one would you choose?
80's hands down. With the creation on MTV the music was AMAZING. Bon Jovi, Paula Abdul, Pat Benatar, Michael Jackson, Madonna, AC/DC, Poison, etc... and the fashion was so fun. Neon colors, leg warmers, side-pony-tails, acid washed jeans, the works.

19 Nightwish icons

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81 NCIS icons

1-70: "Bury Your Dead"
71-81: Random NCIS




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Writer's Block: Bedside Manners

Hospital dramas are a time-honored staple of television, from General Hospital to County General to Seattle Grace. Which TV hospital would you most want to check in to? And who would be your doctor?
Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. If I was dieing I would want House as my doctor. He doesn't have the best bedside manner, but he'd save my lfe... Do I really want a doctor to hold my hand as die?  One hospital I would not want to go to would be Chicago Hope Hospital, as I remember it people were always dieing on that show.


Summary: Jenny shows up at Gibbs' s house after "Requiem". Angsty.
Word count: 381 words.
Rating: PG or K+
A/N: This just came to me after watching "Requiem" a few nights ago right before bed. It's my first NCIS fict.

She observed how to pick a lock from him, now she's using it on his own door. She creeps into his house in the darkness. She knows just where to find him, the basement, but she decides to make a pit stop at the refrigerator to grab herself a beer. She  then proceeds to the basement door, opens it and begins down the stairs. The sound of her heels on the wooden steps makes him look up from his boat to meet her face. She continues down the steps without saying a word.

"Jen, first you break into my house, then you steal my beer." he comments now noticing the beer in her hands.

"Not that you would drink it anyway." she replies. She had a point there if she hadn't grabbed it, it would probably just sit in his refrigerator for a long time. She plops down next to him on a stool just watching the way he smoothes the boat almost caressing it.

When he interrupts her gaze, "Jen, any particular reason you're here?" he asks.

"Well, with the case today, and all you’ve been through, I just thought you could- you know, use a friend." She suggests whilst getting up to console him, by placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Dammit Jen!" He exclaims tossing her hand off, as she is taken aback by the sudden rage. He continues on with his tirade, "What do you expect me to do? Cry on your shoulders? No, Jen, that's your thing. Or did you just come here to take advantage of me-"

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs!"

"Don't use your director voice here. You’re in my basement, my territory, my rules. If you don't like it you can just get the hell out!" he yells back at her.

From the steps she yells back at him, "I sorry for-"

"Sign of weakness." he interrupts nonchalantly, but she just keeps going.

"- thinking that you the infamous Leroy Jethro Gibbs might need a friend, seeing how everyone else you know is either an ex-wife or a subordinate!" She slams the door, and once safely on the other side, slumps down to the floor sobbing.

Jethro combs his hand through his hair and gulps down some bourbon from a jar that once held nails.

Happy Christmas!

Well Christmas for me was good. I recieved a twirling baton, piano keyboard, Tales of Bettle the Bard (which I finished reading a half hour after I recieved it), an iHome, and The Office Trivia Game (which I've already won once), and pink plaid rainboots.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket << made on boxing day and couldn't decide cropping. Then I went to gamespot and exchanged some games.

I played Yankee Swap (White Elephant, Nasty Christmas, Grey Elephant, Chinese Christmas Swap) Whatever you want to call it. It's the game they play on "Christmas Party" (The Office) and never the less I ended up with 2 hunting hats that I have no use for...